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Mary (Scalf) Lyons & Jim Lyons with daughters
Anna B. Malone, Ellie Stout, Ruby Carver,
Mary Lee Buckles & Susie Winebarger
(Burlen Lyons-Morris not pictured)



A prayer to our Heavenly Father for the healing, success & happiness of every member of my family!


Our Family Directory contact information continues to increase with more than 100 listings and is available in .pdf file format upon request to family members from Sherry Winebarger-Reeter.


A huge thank you to cousin Debra Broyles (daughter of Corrine Taylor-Broyles; granddaughter of Nannie Lyons-Taylor; great-granddaugther of William Henry "Bill" Lyons & wife Florence Woods-Lyons) who gifted me with my great-grandfather William Henry "Bill" Lyons funeral book & my great-great-grandmother Rachel Frazier-Woods bonnet in May 2012! 



Special thanks are extended to Bob Shell whose genealogy research advice, Woods-Shipley family research collection, cemetery transcription work, generous nature, vast knowledge of genealogy and friendship are deemed as priceless!!!
Everyone's help has been greatly appreciated!

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Lyons-Scalf Family Genealogy