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     Pictures are a wonderful means of rekindling memories of those we love and seeing physical family traits in those we never met!


If you are a direct line family member and wish to enjoy our family albums, please e-mail your request to receive the album links. 


* Permission for use of all pictures were gained by Sherry Winebarger-Reeter & sources can be provided upon request.


PLEASE do NOT post onto other websites

or use for any personal gain. 

The purpose is to share joyous pictures & videos of our beloved family.


Our Family Photo Albums Include ~

James Andrew Lyons & Mary Lydia Scalf-Lyons

 Descendants Family Reunion

December 12, 2015

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 Jim & Mary Scalf-Lyons' Descendants Album

containing over 170 family pictures!


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 Jim & Mary Scalf-Lyons' Descendants 
Album #2

Click here!

Extended Family Collection
a slideshow presentation of 109 pictures submitted by the Lyons, Lyon, Scalf, Carr, Woods, Glover, Salts, etc. branches of our family tree!

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Mary Scalf-Lyons' Family Album
is a scanned & restored compilation
of her cherished 378 pictures.

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Ruby Lyons-Carver videos
taken at her home with eldest son Bob and daughter-in-law Brenda by her grandson Robert Carver

Click for Carver Videos

     The goal of our website is to have every family member's picture online.  Your pictures stored in a drawer or closet are treasured memories to others so please share your old and recent pictures so everyone in the family can enjoy them. 
     Pictures we need for our family collection:
  • Sallie Byers Lyons (third wife of Bill Lyons)
  • Willie Lyons (son of Bill Lyons & 2nd wife Sallie Byers-Lyons)
  • William Edward "Ed" Scalf   (son of  Isaac & Nannie Scalf; brother of Mary Scalf-Lyons)
     Click on the link below to e-mail pictures from your branch of our family tree and/or request access to our family photo albums:



June 8, 1853 -
February 19, 1908

Special Picture!

My great-grandmother Nannie Glover Scalf was the mother of my grandmother Mary Lydia Scalf Lyons!
Great-Grandma Nannie's photograph is one of the oldest in our family collection.
It was scanned from a tin type taken in the late 1800s.
Tin types, invented in 1856 and used into the 20th century,
were thin sheets of iron covered with a layer of black paint.






A birth certificate shows that we were born;

A death certificate shows that we died;

Pictures show that we lived!

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Lyons-Scalf Family Genealogy