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A 24-page history of our European roots titled
"Our Lyons
European Tapestry"
was completed in July 2015.
If you wish to receive
"Connecting The Lines"
"Our Lyons European Tapestry",
e-mail your request to the author,
Sherry Winebarger-Reeter.
* Permission must be gained from the author for re-use of information and/or pictures.

Excerpts from
"Our Lyons European Tapestry"
by Sherry Winebarger-Reeter:

         The first known relative in our family tree is Baron Ingelram  

           De Lions who was born about 1020 in Foret De Lyons,

           Normandy, France and died after 1066.  This edition begins

           with Henry Lyon on page 14 who was discussed in my first

           book Connecting The Lines:  Our Deeper Roots as our 1st

           generation in America; however, he represents the 20th

           generation in Europe.


         Henry Lyon was born about 1623 in Glen Lyon, Perthshire,

          Scotland and died March 23, 1707 buried at the Old Newark

          Burying Grounds, Newark, New Jersey.  The Burying

          Grounds originally contained the remains of the first settlers

          of Newark and their descendants but in 1890 the remains

          were removed to Newark's Fairmount Cemetery and placed in

          in crypt now marked by a statue honoring the city's founders. 


        Henry Lyon came to America via Essex or Middlesex, England

          and held the office circa 1667 of 1st Treasurer of the City of

          Newark, Essex Co., New Jersey Colony.  He and his wife

          Elizabeth Bateman had eight children.  For further details on

          Henry Lyon, see pages 336-341 of “Connecting The Lines:

          Our Deeper Roots” by author Sherry Winebarger-Reeter.




     Britain’s Queen Mother “Queen Mum” last Empress of   India, Elizabeth Angela Marguerite Bowes-Lyon , was born Aug. 4, 1900 in Hertfordshire, England. She was  the fourth daughter of Lord Glamis Claude George Bowes-Lyon (1855-1944 dying at Glamis Castle, Angus, Scotland), later 14th Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne, she died March 30, 2002 in Windsor, England at age 101, she married Prince Albert Duke of York who became King of England.

     The Bowes-Lyon family is descended from the Royal House of Scotland. One of The Queen Mother's 14th-century ancestors, Sir John Lyon, became Thane of Glamis, home of Macbeth 300 years before, and Glamis Castle is the family seat.     

   In relationship to Ruby, Anna B., Burlen, Susie, Ellie & Mary Lee Lyons she is a 19th Cousin, 3 times removed.

    Queen Elizabeth II (Windsor), current reigning monarch, is the 12th generation of our Lyons family and is the Lyons’ sisters 20th Cousin, twice removed. Queen Elizabeth II is descended from the House of Windsor Princess Diana was of Welsh descent and is also in descent from the House of Windsor.








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